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Discuss Anything / Re: Is Satan Ninja dead?
« on: December 03, 2022, 05:11:10 PM »
Hell no. But I guess I can't blame you for wondering. I said we'd be keeping you dudes updated on things during this hiatus and I've totally failed to do so. Jessica has been posting updates to her Patreon, so I guess I figured that would suffice, but I should've been posting updates on this site as well.

Here was my logic behind this silence (which Jessica didn't agree with).

Basically, the longer we went without updating, the more I felt that if I were to post an update that didn't entail the end of the hiatus, it'd just annoy the fans. Like, I pictured you dudes seeing that we posted an update on how he got rid of gyno here, then you get all exited thinking the hiatus is finally over, and then you feel bitter disappointment when you see that it's just some kind of progress report. So my thinking was that it might be best for us to keep a low profile and then BAM—bust out of our hiatus with a glorious return to weekly comic page updates, podcasts, and so on.

Of course, this hiatus is taking longer than we thought, due to a whole host of issues, from personal life drama stuff that I won't go into, to technical bullshit (we recently had our main hard drive on Jessica's PC—the one with all the Satan Ninja content—start dying on us, ironically just as we had decided to finally purchase a backup drive in case of such an event ... I've managed to save everything important, but it's been a huge headache and a time sink).

I've gotta get ready for work right now, but I'll make sure to post an actual update on the site either tomorrow or Friday. It's been way too long.

Sorry to worry you, but I promise you that this comic isn't going to be abandoned by us. The only way it'll die is if we suddenly die in some tragic accident. And even then, since we already have the whole comic plotted out, maybe we should leave some instructions with our friends in case of our death to release all our behind the scenes notes, so you dudes would at least get to learn everything that we had planned for the comic. But that's really fucking morbid to think about.
You reasoning is very good and clear. I must say thank God too, as I shocked after reading the threat.

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