About Satan Ninja 198X

"A badass comic" —Maddox, author of The Alphabet of Manliness.

Satan Ninja 198X (pronounced "nineteen-eighty-x") is an '80s-themed comic by Jessica Safron (artist/co-writer) and Adam Dravian (writer). It's inspired by radical 1980’s media, mostly movies, but also video games, cartoons, anime, heavy metal music, and the “satanic panic” of the era.

It's kind of like an '80s teen comedy movie injected with over-the-top ninja violence, lots of T&A, and elements of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy.

Our live-action promo videos can give you the gist of it.

The Story of Satan Ninja 198X

Satan Ninja 198X is the tale of Eddie McCarthy, an unpopular high school senior who pines for the hottest girl in school. Of course, he hasn’t got a chance. But everything changes when Eddie stumbles upon a magical Hell-forged glove with the ability to turn him into a ninja with infernal powers. Unfortunately, the glove also makes him the target of demonic beings from outer space.

You can read about the main cast here.

The World of Satan Ninja 198X

Veronica Stripped to Kill

The comic takes place in an alternate universe during the mythical year of 198X, which is basically a mashup of the entire 1980s.

It’s a world that abides by the laws of campy '80s media. A world where ninjas and monsters could lurk in any shadows. Where computers are capable of magic. Where a person's muscule mass seems to correlate with gun-weilding ability. Where masked killers might return from the dead as unstoppable super-zombies. Where heavy metal music can potentially open the gates of Hell.

Where things are totally fucking rad.

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