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Last updated January 11, 2016

Issue 3 Page 38 - The End of Issue 3!

Ket and Darwick

Plots are converging! Things are falling into place. And that’s where we end Issue 3.

Jessica tried really hard to make sure this page wouldn’t take as long as the last few (and it didn’t), but still took longer than we’d like. We’re determined to get back on a steady page a week schedule. But first, we’ll have to take a (hopefully) brief hiatus.

So here’s our game plan during this hiatus. First, Jessica’s going to take a week off of drawing for the first time in years, which will help her from burning out. Then there’s a bunch of minor things in Issue 3 that she’s going to go back and spruce up. Then she’s going to bust out a rad cover for Issue 4, and try to get as big of a head start as we can manage before coming off the hiatus.

In the meantime, we intend to resume our weekly podcast, and Jessica will continue to stream on Twitch and of course fulfill her Patreon rewards.

By the way, the title for Issue 4 is “Rad As Hell” and it’ll totally live up to its namesake.

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Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas from Satan Ninja 198X

We hope you're all having a super rad holiday time! (And if you don't get what's being referenced in the holiday image Jessica whipped up, you totally need to watch this video.)

Looking back at 2016, it was a bit of a mixed bag for us. On the plus side, we had our first interviews about SN8X, our first YouTube review, we went out to Hollywood to be guests on one of our favorite podcasts, we started a podcast of our own, I finally released my horror novel, Jessica's Patreon has passed the half-way mark toward her first goal, and of course we released a bunch of badass pages of SN8X.

On the downside, we haven't released nearly enough badass pages of SN8X this year. Especially these last few months as Jessica has been struggling with juggling various projects at once. We also didn't do a single convention appearance this year, and blog posts have been relatively infrequent due to me focusing on writing.

But 2017 is looking to be the year of the Satan Ninja. We'll be starting the fourth issue of the comic, which is where is everything in the story really falls into place. Just as Issue 1 was largely setup for Issue 2, Issue 3 has been largely setup for the events of Issue 4. Oh, man, I'm so goddam pumped for Issue 4! 2017 should also see us release new promo videos, and we'll finally debut a pseudo-secret SN8X side-project spinoff.


Adam and Jessica Debate the '80s on Maddox's Podcast

Best Debate in the Universe Maddox Satan Ninja Jessica Safron

It's a mega-honor to announce that Jessica and I flew out to LA to hang out with Maddox (whom we've both been long-time fans of) and to be featured as guests on the 28th episode of his awesome podcast, The Best Debate in the Universe. Check it out! I might be just a little biased, but I seriously think it's my favorite episode.

Also, you can check out this Twitch Stream Jessica and I did with Maddox last night (streaming some retro-style games, of course).

These past few days in LA have been superfun and it's a total bummer we now have to return to cold-ass Michigan, but we're excited to end the year by wrapping up Issue 3.

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Radicast 198X - The New Kids, Care Bears Movie, Private Resort

Radicast 198X The New Kids The Care Bears Movie Private Resort review

We thought we'd try something a little different this episode and cover three films, but in less depth than we typically do. We figure this would be a good way to feature things that we otherwise wouldn’t talk about since we'd be hard pressed to discuss them for an entire episode. Let us know if you prefer this format, or if you'd rather see us stick to one topic per episode. Currently, I foresee us doing a mix of both, but we'd like to hear your feedback.

The three movies we discuss are all quite different, starting with the teen thriller The New Kids, then things shift from spooky to saccharine as we discuss The Care Bears Movie, and finally, we talk about the sex comedy that Johnny Depp is embarrassed to have starred in: Private Resort. Just about the only thing these three movies have in common is they were all released in 1985.

Trailer for The New Kids:

Trailer for The Care Bears Movie:

Trailer for Private Resort:

Other movies we discuss in brief: Class of 1984 [1982], Zapped! [1982]

Intro and outro songs by Michael Cook.

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