Warning: If this were a film, it would probably be rated R Too rad for work This comic contains stuff like: Cartoon boobs, cartoon violence, cartoon satans, etc.

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Last updated Dec 29, 2017

Comic Updates Resume this Month!

Rad news! Jessica’s feeling a lot better now, so we’re going to resume regular updates to this comic starting on Saturday, July 28th. Mega thanks to our fans that have been so patient and supportive through this, especially those of you that have continued to support Jessica’s Patreon (where, by the way, she’s recently posted the next three pages of Issue 4).

Also, here’s an enthusiastic cyber high-five to everyone who stopped by our table at the Anime Midwest convention this past weekend. To those of you that grabbed business cards and then followed through and actually came to this site: you rule! And to those of you who purchased stuff from us: you mega rule! Thanks!

(Click the "Comments" button if you'd like to see some pictures and video of us at the convention)

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State of the Comic - Feb. 2018

Jessica’s been having health issues that’ve gotten worse over the past year. Nothing life threatening or anything, but she ended up having a bad reaction to some medication that was supposed to help her, so she’s been in total Bummerville these past few months.

That’s why things have been so quiet around here. She’s trying a different medication now, and we’re hopeful that she’ll soon be able to ninja flip her way back to Healthyland. Then she’ll resume kicking ass on the comic.

But for now, she’s going to focus on feeling better.

Now to end on some rad news: Comicon.com selected Satan Ninja 198X as one of the eight best webcomics of 2017! We’ve also booked a table at the Anime Midwest convention in Chicago, so if you’re in the area the weekend of July 6th, you should totally visit us.

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