Eddie McCarthy

Portrait of Eddie

High school senior. Part-time fast-food employee at
Beef Lord.

Favorite Films:

Martial arts action movies, especially those starring Dude Shinobi like Gore ForceBionic Ninja, and Shinobi USA.

Favorite Music:

Eddie has an equal appreciation for pop, rock, heavy metal, and new wave. Two of his favorite musicians are Mitchell Moongait and Bobby Icon.

Main Interests/Hobbies:

Video games and Dude Shinobi.

The main dude of our story. Eddie was abandoned by his hippie mother when he was an infant, and now lives with his eccentric grandma and their pet pot-bellied pig Snacky Love. He's a bit of a weirdo, a dreamer, and an optimist, and thus a target for bullies like Dean Slater. However, Eddie has a small group of close friends consisting of fellow misfits. He's a die-hard fan of martial arts action star Dude Shinobi. Now that Eddie's on the verge of finishing high school, he wants nothing more than to finally get a girlfriend. Unfortunately, his sights are set on the coveted “hottest girl in school,” Veronica LeBrock. If only there was some sort of hell-forged handware that could magically turn him into some sort of badass, then maybe Veronica would take notice ...