“Psycho Sam” Haim

Portrait of Sam

High school dropout. Guitarist in the dark rock band, The Eternal Departed.

Favorite Films:

Horror films like Horrific Holiday, 666-HELL, Wicked Corpse II: Corpses to Come, and porn films like Hard Rock Hookers and Succubus High School

Favorite Music:

Heavy metal bands like Demon Hammer, Slasher, and H.O.R.N.E.T., and punk bands like Anti-Conformists and The Doomed.

Main Interests/Hobbies:

Guitar, drugs, alcohol, and masturbation.

Eddie’s other best friend. Sam suffered a traumatic experience involving a masked maniacal killer as a kid, which has haunted him ever since, causing him to seek solace in drugs and booze. Though his parents maintain his room and pay him a weekly allowance, Sam has declared himself homeless and simply crashes wherever (frequently at Eddie’s place). Sam’s outlandish paranoia, substance abuse, outspoken vulgarity, and habit of stripping naked have earned him his nickname and made him an outcast even among outcasts. Yet while others tend to find him obnoxious and weird, Eddie finds him strangely endearing and the two have been great friends for several years.