Author Topic: Issue 3 – Ninja Power! – Page 12 - Eddie vs. Alex  (Read 19534 times)


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Re: Issue 3 – Ninja Power! – Page 12 - Eddie vs. Alex
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2016, 09:18:26 PM »
Well I'm coming in late but this is so far my favorite page of Issue 3. 

Coming off the last panel of 2 pages ago.  Where Alex is taking off her coat with that challenge.   I thought that this is the 1st step of the Alex transformation I predicted way back in issue 2.  She looks confident, less nerdy. The way she can't wait to get physical with Eddie. This page is everything I was hoping for in that fight. 

Jess you did amazing on Alex's facial expression, especially the panel right before Grandma comes out and the almost horrified embarrassed look to finish the page.  I really like that panel before Grandma though, kind of a moment for those two well at least for Alex.

Thanks a lot! I'm so glad people ended up liking it so much since I was always a little worried about it being too cringey (it still makes me cringe a little bit!). And I'm glad you said "well at least for Alex," because I'd been wondering how well I'd pulled off portraying her to be the worked up one and Eddie coming off as being more oblivious.

You did amazing with it.  I'm guessing this is a tough emotion to express in art as in real life I'm sure the emotion and body language would change rapidly but I think this could be a key page in the story if the comic follows the progression I hope it will.
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