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I love the contrast between that panel, with Satan Ninja Eddie being all cool and collected, and its "sister panel" in Issue 1 Page 4. Those two images really showcase the change from original Eddie to Satan Ninja Eddie.

Give the guy a sweet outfit, and a mask to cover the lip bite and he's all of a sudden Mr. Sexy Gamer.

Also, welcome to the forum, kid! ::cyber high five::

Thanks! I made this account a solid three years ago, then never said anything like the proper lurker that I am.

EDIT: Whoa, that's weird. The comment I just replied to is gone.

Sorry about that! I sat and refreshed the page every few minutes to see if it was a problem on my end. After 10 minutes or so it worked fine so I figured I'd just delete my comment to save you the headache. That did not go as planned.

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