neon city rumble

Pocket Neon City RUMBLE

Whoa! Check out that radical sprite art of Satan Ninja Eddie, done by Rudy Wilde. Awesome right? Now you're probably wondering what the hell this Pocket Neon City RUMBLE is.

It's a card battle game inspired by oldschool beat 'em up video games from the '80s and '90s. You know, games like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, Final Fight, etc. Two-to-six players duke it out using cards that represent mutant martial arts fighters... and now Eddie McCarthy as well.

This card game is actually the second in the series. The original, N3ON City Rumble, was funded on Kickstarter back in 2014. This new version of the game is "lighter," meaning simpler rules for faster play, and it features chibi-style (pocket-sized) characters. But most importantly, it features Satan Ninja Eddie, which makes it way superior to the first card game. Or any card game, really.

A little while ago, I was approached by Neon City Rumble mastermind Davy Wagnarok, who had discovered Satan Ninja 198X and, recognizing how radical it is, thought it'd be awesome to feature Eddie as a bonus character in the card game. I've never played this sort of battle card game in my life (not even Magic: The Gathering), but Jessica and I loved the aesthetics and how professional it all seemed, and were happy to hand Eddie off to go play in another world. Now I'm mega-pumped to break my battle card game cherry.

The game has already doubled its original funding goal, and they've successfully delivered a Kickstarted game in the past, so it seems like a safe bet. If you're into card games, oldschool brawlers, or even if you just want to collect everything Satan Ninja related, you should totally go back the Kickstarter before it ends.