Corey Cusack

Portrait of Corey

High school senior. Part-time comic book store clerk.

Favorite Films:

Fantasy films such as Crimson She-Demon and Busty Barbarian Bimbos II: Quest for Clothes.

Favorite Music:

Progressive rock bands like The Far East and Surge. He's also a huge fan of the pop music parody musician Wacky Hal.

Main Interests/Hobbies:

Fantasy role-playing games, comic books, and cartoons such as Stormkitties.

Loud and opinionated, Corey has been friends with Eddie since grade school. Though they often get into arguments, they quickly get over it and move on to something else, like bonding over their shared love for comic books. Corey has a near-photographic memory, which he puts to use by memorizing obscure trivia about everything he and his friends are interested in. The self-declared “leader” of the group, Corey hosts their weekly Crypts & Chimeras games. He’s the only one of the friend group with his own car, which he loves to flaunt, despite it being a $150 rattletrap. He currently has a hot foreign exchange student named Carmen staying with his family (which he also enjoys boasting about).