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Issue 2 Page 5 Posted

Satan Ninja 198X Issue 2 Page 5 Preview

Read it here!

We've posted this later than we anticipated. It was a chaotic weekend with my brother's wedding on Saturday and a family birthday event today. But hey, that's why there's that "usually" up at the top of the page there--to cover our asses when shit like this pops up. But still, we'll try to make the occurrence an extremely rare one.

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Issue 2 Page 1 Posted & a Minor Retcon

You can check out page 1 of issue 2 here.

So a couple weeks ago, we stealthily added our first retcon to the comic (I promise we won't make a habit of it). Back when this website launched, Eddie and his friends were high school juniors, and Eddie was celebrating his 17th birthday in mid-May. But now, if you go back and read the comic you'll find that Eddie and his friends are high school seniors, and Eddie is celebrating his 18th birthday in early May.

Why the change? Well, we decided that this was the only "high school" era tale we wanted to tell in Satan Ninja 198X so there wasn't much point in keeping Eddie in school for another year. Also, since this story arc is building up to the prom, it made more sense to make it the penultimate high school event: the senior prom. Plus, making most of the characters 18 has the added benefit of helping us stay out of legal hot water with these characters engaging in sexual activities.

The date was changed to the start of May so that we had a bit more room to play with before the prom occurs.

The character profiles have also been updated to reflect this change. Oh, and Jessica re-drew Veronica's school picture, because we weren't happy with the old one.

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