Heather Hyser

Portrait of Heather

High school senior. Part-time retail employee at Vince & Co. clothing store.

Favorite Films:

Fantasy movies like Goblin Maze, and horror movies like Phenomecreep.

Favorite Music:

Dark synth pop bands like Cry For Scared and gothic rock bands like The Antidote and Brothers of Cruelty.

Main Interests/Hobbies:

Reading and writing gothic romance poetry. Cheerleading. Sex.

Heather lives next door to Eddie with her dad and younger sister Alex. When they were little kids, Heather used to play with Eddie, and was the “girl of his dreams” up until Veronica came along in 7th grade and replaced her in that role. Now, Heather’s part of the popular crowd and would never admit to her past friendship to a dork like Eddie. Her best friend is Veronica and her boyfriend is Ryan Broderick.