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Discuss Anything / Airheads & Demons
« on: December 06, 2014, 06:05:35 PM »
I overheard this break room conversation between two early-20-somethings today. It had a satanic flavor I thought fitting of this forum:

"Yah, our Sunday night bible group has some like, intense discussion topics. It's awesome. Like, this week, we were like talking about demons."
"Oh yah? I wish MY bible group would talk about stuff like that..."
"I know! It's like, the stuff that isn't like talked about in regular church."
"Right... but that's stuff we really need to know."
"I know! Like we talked about the ouiji board last Sunday and I had no idea! I've never played with one... but now... I'm like never going to even risk it."
"Oh yah... that's a good point."
"I know! I watched Paranormal Activity when I was 17 and... oh my gosh, I couldn't even sleep."
"Yah, people need to see that stuff though. And then people should talk about it at church."
"For sure."

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