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And the exposition continues. This is one of those pages that works just fine within the context of the issue, but isn't so stellar when it stands alone as the weekly update since there isn't any kind of action, joke, or crazy thing occurring.

Don't worry about it - it's nice just knowing that the comic is continuing on schedule!

As for what we can discuss this week... how about the first edition of aett's Babe Alert. (Let me know if you think of a more '80s title.) Alex is looking adorable in her vest-and-tie combo, and in real life would be flat-out attractive. Since this is The Eighties, however, she looks like there will come a time in which she is seen dressed up in something more revealing and without her glasses, at which point she will be seen by all as a Mega Babe. Veronica and her friend are way off in the distance, but they have such distinctive figures that it's obvious that they are extremely well-built and they're both standing in sexy poses (possibly to score some discount ice cream).

She's not into violence, huh? There goes Predator then, too. I'm impressed you were able to get her to watch The Thing. We just re-watched it a few weeks ago and the practical creature/gore effects are so fucking amazing. Jessica was so in awe of it that it nearly drove her to cry tears of happiness.

Judging from the movies you said she liked, perhaps the John Hughes teen movies would be more up her alley. Or Labyrinth.

Fortunately, Jessica and I have nearly identical movie taste, so we don't have to worry about suffering through each other's movies. For the past five or six years we've actually been on a quest to watch all the most notable movies in chronological order. From the silent era on up. Now that we've finally made it to the early '80s, we've broaden our selection to include every genre movie that's notable or interests us. Yeah, we're a little insane, but it's good research and it's interesting to see the evolution of film.

Oh yeah, she liked Labyrinth well enough. I'm forgetting a lot of movies - we watched them almost nonstop when we first met and until we had our kid. Now movie time (together, at least) is a rare and wonderous thing, but we can still watch an episode or two of a TV show on a more regular basis.

It's clear that watching all those movies has had a great effect on you and Jessica, at least in terms of the details (big and small) in the comic! Just the collection of robots alone was great.

Oh man, I had so many movies to show her when we first met. Pretty hit and miss with her, though. She liked BTTF and Ghostbusters but didn't care for Star Wars (more '70s, but still) or Indiana Jones or Beetlejuice. She'd hate Terminator and Robocop - too violent. One viewing of The Thing was mooore than enough for her. Ah well!

Glad to be rad, hope one day to advance to Rad to the Max.

You're actually not too much younger than me. I was born in '81. However, my dad was a cableman, so I grew up watching a non-stop parade of movies on HBO. Jessica was born in '88, but her parents exposed her to a lot of retro things when she was young, so she never had that stigma some people do about media that was made "before their time."

My wife and I have the same age difference - I was born in '83 and she was born in '90. As a result, she doesn't get '80s references like I do, but she was raised by her grandparents, so she's more familiar with classic stuff like I Love Lucy than I will EVER be.

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