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Speaking of Total Recall, we were thinking about including a three-titted alien babe as a reference to the original movie, until I realized that Total Recall came out in 1990 and was therefor off limits to our comic. But fortunately, we were able to fill that void by referencing a 4-titted alien gal from a more obscure '80s movie. Actually, each of the four "alien babes" on this page are a combination of two alien ladies from '80s fiction (mostly movies, but one of the inspirations came from a cartoon).

Before you even said that, I found myself wondering if one of the women was a reference to the cartoon Galaxy High, but looking at screenshots of the show, none of them seem to look like any of the main female characters.

Multiple pairs of breasts are okay in my book any day of the week.

I take it you're a fan of Total Recall then?

I said pairs.

I absolutely love the use of color on this page. Great bit of action done with a conservative number of panels, too. Looking forward to seeing the storylines come together eventually...

Babe Alert: Sy Snootles there doesn't do anything for me, but I'm loving the other alien babes. Multiple pairs of breasts are okay in my book any day of the week.

Definitely excited for the next page. Not to mention one day reading all of these in a collected volume so there's no weekly wait between pages.

Babe Alert: I really want to watch Creepy Space Party.

Not much for me to say on the Babe front (I like the pose that the girls are doing in panel 1 - they have this "OMG WHY ARE WE STILL STANDING AROUND HERE FOR, WE JUST WANTED ICE CREAM" expression) but another enjoyable page.

Like Rijst said, I'm expecting Eddie to break down any time now. What a shitty five minutes.

I think Trent is shooting for "Bully of the Year" award - paying people to do his homework and then inviting them to parties so they can get laid? Almost can't blame Joe for not having Eddie's back.

Awesome, it's great to see the story continuing to move. Everyone's expressions are well-done on this page: the girls in panel 1, Snaky's concern in panel 5, a whole variety of mirth and shock in panel 6, Dean's complete lack of concern in panels 12 and 13, and Veronica's eyeroll in panel 13. By the way, I think Veronica is really starting to reveal her true personality at the very end there. Her level of grief (whether it's real or just something that she thinks she needs to express) being pushed aside so she can attend a party - and the whole "uh, DUH" attitude about whether she would even be attending - speaks volumes.

For what it's worth, Alex's martial arts skills fit perfectly for this All-Encompasing 80's Dimension and looks like it could have come straight out of a movie. A cheesy movie, probably, but it still fits the 80's style that you're going for.

Babe Alert: Nice dramatic angle in panel 1, and I appreciate the attention to details regarding Veronica crossing her arms in the last panel. And I'm surprised to see Alex's chest so clearly defined in her gi! I had figured that the vest outfit was chosen to help hide her figure (at least in-universe) until some kind of reveal, but then she could have wrapped up her breasts tightly in her gi if that were the case. Now I just think Eddie is a total moron for missing obvious hints (and subtle blushes) like in issue 1, page 7, panel 8! :)

Haha, Veronica continuing to lick her icecream was something I thought to have her do as I was drawing her and it tickled me. It felt very fitting for her character.

Little touches like that are going to be a big part of the comic's eventual success. The internet is littered with comics that are created with a distinct lack of effort, and even a lot of comics with good art tend to cut corners whenever they can.

Awesome page - I'm definitely glad that it's crammed full of panels just so we can keep advancing the story. I definitely didn't expect to see a cute pig anytime soon!

Again, good on Eddie for having a spine. But yeah... between the jocks and the pig and the heightened emotions, it looks like he's about to be embarrassed.

Babe Alert: mostly the same as last week. Absolutely love the detail of Veronica continuing to eat her ice cream after Dean grabs her. She doesn't seem threatened by him at all. The two girls' expressions at the bottom when they see Snacky are very well-done, too.

Discuss Blog Entries / Re: Movie Review - Enter the Ninja [1981]
« on: August 07, 2014, 09:39:36 PM »
Man, what an insane movie. I hope the reviews become a regular thing!

Discuss Anything / Re: Introductions
« on: August 05, 2014, 01:44:34 PM »
Maybe when your art speed reaches a certain level, you'll be able to save time by posting sketches instead of meticulously-planned written responses!

It totally makes sense and, in fact, it's something I've discussed with Jessica. She was originally going to give Alex a sprinkling of freckles across the nose, but I told her that with her cartoony style, a sprinkling of freckles is going to give people the impression that Alex is supposed to be a full-blown freckle-faced girl, which wasn't the intention.

Also, Jessica got heavily into anime when she was a tween, so she drew in an anime style for a few years. Because of that, I think she still feels a little strange drawing lips on a girl.

Okay, cool. In any case, the makeup gets the point across - it definitely shows us what kind of girls these are. :) And Jessica, for what it's worth, you do a great job with the lips.

She's near the upper end, but no, she's not at the top.


I watched the clip and I'm definitely intrigued. Loved the Street Fighter II parody. We've got a positively massive backlog of things to watch, and we're trying to focus our limited media-consuming time to '80s things (for obvious reasons), so it'll probably be awhile before we get around to it, but I'll add it to the heap. Thanks.

By the time you get around to it, perhaps the whole will be finished and you can just binge it. (They've said that they're only aiming for two seasons to keep things nice and tight.)

Except he suffers from the same flaw that I suffered from as an awkward teen who was clueless with women. Instead of simply trying to talk to her casually and naturally so he could eventually build up to asking her out, he's going right for the "prize." But then again, he does feel pressed for time and like he's got destiny on his side, so I can't fault the dude too much (also, I'm his god and he does whatever I make him do, so I really can't fault his actions).

I see what you mean. I kind of had the opposite problem: it was easy enough for me to start talking to girls I liked and getting to know them and so on, but could never get anything to progress past that. (Although there were a couple of exceptions: one of those girls admitted that she liked me shortly after I got a girlfriend, and another one made it clear after I had moved away.)

I was about to say that I'm not a fan of the caked on makeup look, but it actually depends on how it's done. I know I've seen some goth girls that I've thought we hot that were wearing a shitload of makeup. But usualy, I'm not a fan. I don't think Veronica or Heather are quite into that territory. I'm guessing it's the eye shadow that's putting you off?

I guess it is the eye shadow, which is odd, because I normally like that a lot. I think it's because of the art style and the medium in general: typically stuff like eye shadow isn't illustrated at all in this type of art, so when I actually see it, it feels extra emphasized. Does that make sense? Kind of like how in anime, the women aren't usually animated with lips unless they're deliberately meant to be wearing makeup. But yeah, in reality, she's definitely not super caked-on.

Heh. Yeah, I'm definitely a breast dude (to the surprise of no one who reads, well, anything I write). A nice rack is secondary only to a pretty face when it comes to what I look for, psychically, in a girl. I can't count the number of times I've reviewed one of Jessica's babe drawings and said something like, "Eh, maybe make her tits just a tiny bit bigger." Of course, we can't have every girl in the comic be as busty as, say, Veronica, or else she'd look run-of-the-mill as opposed to exceptional.

Haha, I get what you're saying. I take it that Veronica is at the upper end of the spectrum to illustrate her "unobtainable" status?

No comment. ;)

Boo. Yah.

I've never seen, or even heard of that show. It's been a long time since I've been much of a TV watcher. We watched the few few seasons of Adventure Time and enjoyed that. Is it comparable at all?

I've only seen about one episode of Adventure Time, so I can't really say, but Gravity Falls quickly became one of my all-time favorite shows. If you're a fan of the classic Simpsons (seasons 2-8), you'll like GF. It's obvious that the people writing the show grew up memorizing Simpsons episodes. Also, the show has a bit of a Twin-Peaks-For-Kids vibe with an ongoing mystery and a bizarre northwestern town.

Season 2 just premiered yesterday, actually. There are a lot of websites where you can watch the episodes, but if you actually have cable, you can sign in to your provider's website and watch all the episodes on Disney XD's site.

I'd recommend starting at the beginning, but if you only watch ONE, make it "Fight Fighters". It's got a TON of hilarious jokes about early '90s video games. Here's a clip!

Oh yeah, I was definitely right about the discount (well, free) ice cream. :)

Good on Eddie for actually going over to talk to her.

This edition of Babe Alert: definitely a babealicious page. The ladies have fantastic bodies but wear too much makeup for my taste. Not that I would ever tell a woman that she's wearing too much makeup. (Or too little. Or anything of the sort, because I've learned many lessons as a married man.) Looks like Veronica has to get her shirts custom-made for her chest and waist. (Nice.)

Speaking of chests, seeing Alex from the side and how her vest and tie are lifted up suggests that she'd look a lot like her sister if she wore revealing clothes. There's definitely going to be a "hair down, glasses off" moment with her eventually, I just know it. And I'm looking forward to it.

Special Dude Alert: that short t-shirt that Dean is wearing reminded me of one of my all-time parody moments of late-80s, early-90's from an episode of Gravity Falls. ("And why was I dreaming of two brightly colored and radical young men?")

Quote from: Adam Dravian
Yeah, I have a pretty strong feeling that Veronica will be bumped out of you top babe slot as the comic goes along. It'll probably become a bit of a revolving door. Like I said before, she'll have a lot of competition.

That's amazing. It's silly to be anxious to see more comic babes, but man, bring 'em on. And more ninja action too, of course.

Heh. Jessica was going for a kind of porno-Barbie doll look in that panel, and I think she nailed it.

Absolutely. It's definitely a male teen fantasy pose, so it's very iconic.

I've been waiting for Alex to become more 80's stylish than 80's nerd. 

You don't think Alex is stylish? Come on, just check out that vest and tie. Like aett said, she's looking adorable.

Alex definitely looks like the kind of girl I would crush on in high school, only without the insanity bubbling just beneath the surface. Man, I don't miss those days!

Hah, babes are something I can totally get into (har-har). Actually, as the comic goes on, we're going to end up with quite the cast of babes. Probably enough to fill up the roster in our own Dead or Alive-esque fighting game spin-off. That would rule.

At the very least, there should be a mock character select screen or something like the opening pages of the comic with the arcade game.

And now some babe questions:

Favorite babe so far?
Most babe-alicous panel so far?

So far? As much as I hate to admit it, Veronica. I don't normally go for that type, but she's clearly designed to look outrageously attractive, and she's had the most nudity so far. Plus, we've mostly only seen her in fantasies so far. Once we get to know her in "real life" (and when she's not actively crying), that typical Head Cheerleader attitude will lose her a lot of points. (But we'll see...!)

For question 2, along those lines, it'll have to be the first page of issue 2 since Fantasy-Veronica is being seductive.

I look forward to seeing all these other babes and having more competition for most babe-alicous panel!

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