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Babe Alert: as always with this pool party, the babes are in full force. Tina may not have Veronica and Heather's assets, but the previous page shows us she definitely has her own amazing

I was wondering when someone was gonna comment on Tina's ass. That's why you're needed around here, aett.

It actually stood out like crazy to me when I first saw it. Well, first I saw her wide hips and then I noticed how her ass was drawn from the side and then finally when we see the full back reveal it was glorious. Speaking of the side view, I gotta say that it's done amazingly well and has the correct shape that a big butt would actually have and not just some big round curve like how most people would draw it.

The coloring on this page is fantastic, notably how the different lighting affects the characters and especially their hair. The ridicule wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be - interesting how after laughing at Joe's insults (which might have just been the other guys laughing at the WAY Joe insulted him just as much as the actual insult) everyone just quickly moves on and ignores it.

I can see Veronica accepting the date to make her ex angry. And it will indeed make him angry.

Babe Alert: as always with this pool party, the babes are in full force. Tina may not have Veronica and Heather's assets, but the previous page shows us she definitely has her own amazing

It's cool seeing the comic get edited in (somewhat) real-time. We're seeing stuff that all the new readers in the future will never see.

I just want Eddie to get to that party because shit is going to go down one way or another. There's no way that party won't be amazing to witness.

Babe Alert: Sweet, Minxy makes an appearance! Seems like she's destined to be more important later on, especially with the Satan theme of the comic and her being a succubus. With all these storylines... is it too late for me to be a reader who doesn't discover this comic for a few more years so there's a ton of back issues to catch up on? (Also, each week when there are no actual babes on the page I wonder if that'll be the last week that I do Babe Alert, at least on the male-centric weeks, but then the following week there's always some new babe(s) to talk about. Love it.)

Discuss Anything / Re: Too Many Cooks!
« on: November 11, 2014, 01:37:42 AM »

Somebody get him the fuck out of here

Hey I said they made the right choice right? Talking about quoting out of context jeez.. ;)

Sorry, I've got a persona to maintain! :)

We tried not to show Kit (the fox-babe) from angles that would make her extremely feminine form too obvious. The big utility belt on her bounty hunting costume was to help hide her tiny waist, and of course the big bulging chest armor was to obscure her tits. I think the first picture that strongly hints at Kit's true nature is the second panel of page 14.

Well you guys did a good job - if I had been reading the comic all in one sitting, I never would have noticed the slight feminine touches, but the fact that they exist is a testament to Jessica's attention to detail.

Holy shit, it's refreshing to see a fan-made anime music video that is set to an actual Japanese song as opposed to some shitty Linkin Park or Evanescence song. You're right, they mostly used footage from '90s anime, but there was quite of bit of '80s stuff in there, like Urusei Yatsura, Sailor Moon, Project A-ko, and Riding Bean (which was actually one of the first OVAs I ever watched, and one of the few anime I currently own on DVD).

It's the only anime music video that I still remember in detail for exactly the reasons you said - it's unique and actually uses Japanese music. Plus it's cool that it's actually showing off some of the best animation of the time.

I've never seen Iria: Zeiram the Animation, but that's pretty damn fitting that it's about a female bounty hunter in space.

I hadn't thought about it in years, but looking back, it's amazing how forward-thinking that series was in regards to having a female lead. Despite parts of her outfit being skin-tight, she's not really sexualized at all and she's a total bad-ass.

Heheh, for just a second I thought "titsune" was a typo, but then the pun hit me. So fitting.

I was worried that it would be thought of as a typo! :)

Alternatively you could have not given her enormous boobs

Somebody get him the fuck out of here

I was about to post "See? I was right!" until I realized that I never actually posted in the last page's thread. Anyway, for what it's worth, I guessed that the bounty hunter was a woman a while back - at first it was just because of the callous way she disregarded the slaves, but then I figured that there are a million good reasons why a straight male would act like that. Maybe "he" is just a total badass who can get babes anytime he wants, or maybe he's in a committed relationship. But it was her pose in panel one of page 20 that gave it away to me.

The '80s anime vibe is spot-on. The first full anime I ever watched was Iria: Zeiram the Animation, which was made in '93 but still has that certain aesthetic that hasn't been around since the turn of the century and computers started being used even for traditional animation. Anyway, that style holds a special place in my heart. I'm reminded of this anime music video which shows off some of the best animation from older anime - the clips skew mostly towards the '90s, but there may be some '80s stuff in there, and in any case it's all pre-Naruto/FMA/whatever the fuck has been popular over the last fifteen years.

Darwick creeps me out a bit. I think it's the teeth - cute-styled anime characters don't typically have teeth more detailed than the simple tiny white line that Kit is sporting. Adults and spirits/monsters/etc. from Ghibli movies do often have teeth like that, though, so it's like a cross between two different styles of anime.

Babe alert: Shit, the babeometer nearly burnt out. Furries may have left their reeking stains over big parts of the internet, but nothing can take away the fact that cute fox/cat/rabbit ears with tail(s) are sexy. Looking forward to seeing more of that titsune.

Discuss Anything / Too Many Cooks!
« on: November 06, 2014, 08:34:13 PM »
I just saw this video and it is amazing. Even if you think you know where it's headed, KEEP WATCHING the whole thing. Trust me. It fits this site's whole '80s aesthetic perfectly, too. (Maybe a little early '90s as well.)

Too Many Cooks

Discuss Blog Entries / Re: Happy Halloween 2014
« on: October 31, 2014, 06:51:09 PM »
Jessica, even when you're supposed to be taking it easy for a week so you can rest and catch up, you overdo it and make something super cool.

Happy Halloween to you Satan Ninjas (or "Friday", as you probably call it).

I've been summoned by babes! Well, one babe made a request of sorts, anyway. Things have been very crazy lately.

Lots of great poses and expressions this week, from Joe's tipsy look and his wonderful moment in the last panel to Tina's startled and disappointed expression in panel seven. There's a whole lot going on in this page without it coming off as overpacked.

Great job with setting up Carmen's secret a while back, with her waving at her real friends in the cafeteria.

Babe alert: Awesome variety in swimsuits on this bevy of babes. Hoping the party continues a little while longer!

Discuss Comic Pages / Re: Sam's Horrific Tale of Mr. Skull
« on: September 28, 2014, 06:57:09 PM »
Wow - this page really feels like something out of an '80s horror movie. I swear I had some kind of creepy soundtrack in the back of my mind while reading it, but the experience is so brief it's hard to place. The death was legitimately creepy, especially how he witnessed it from the neighboring building (in the dream).

Babe Alert: dream girl, we hardly knew ye...

Babe Alert: the chick in that red poster is fuckin' smokin'.
Once Jessica gets around to updating this page, your joke will be totally lost on all future forum viewers.

"Oh no, people might find me weird," said the Pizza Wizard who gave weekly reviews of illustrated tits. :)

Speaking of which, namely last week's multibreasted alien babe, anyone see that news piece about the woman who wanted "less attention" from men - a way to show them she wasn't interested in dating - so she got plastic surgery to add a third boob? Oh, and she claims it has NOTHING to do with the fact that she wants to star in a reality show.

Here's the story. Notice that she is wearing a custom bikini top to reduce getting attention from men.

Question for all: Is is obvious who the two dorks in the picture are?

Don't worry, it's very obvious.

Looking forward to Sam's story! He reminds me a lot of an old friend of mine, except my friend would act fairly normal around me and never insulted me or anything - but when we were apart, he did a ton of crazy shit. He never bothered to tell me about most of it, too and I had to hear about it from other people or whatever. I think I kept part of him down-to-earth.

Babe Alert: the chick in that red poster is fuckin' smokin'.

However, didn't you originally discover the comic when I posted the first bounty hunter page to Reddit?

Hey, look over there!

Seriously, though, I thought the art and writing was well-done so I checked out the comic and the 1980 America stuff sold me. :)

The first time we saw the bounty hunters, I didn't like how the action was being moved to a brand-new setting with different people - mostly because of the gradual one-page-per-week nature of the comic and me wanting to see what happens with the main cast. But as we spend more time with them, I'm really getting to like the BHs and their crazy '80s outer space setting.

Babe Alert: see last week, I guess!

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