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Discuss Anything / Moonbeam City
« on: September 20, 2015, 03:48:11 PM »
Surprised I haven't seen anything about this on these forums!

Check out the 30 second intro to Moonbeam City, a new animated show on Comedy Central that is basically Archer combined with Miami Vice, Nagel art, and neon.

Unfortunately, the first episode wasn't especially great. Definitely some good moments, but overall it feels like it needs to be refined a bit. Hopefully the show will find its footing soon, because it's fun just to look at.

Great stuff, Jess - love the detailed backgrounds. The depth is amazing!

Discuss Blog Entries / Re: Hiatus Continues - Minxy the Succubus Art
« on: April 14, 2015, 01:36:26 AM »
Happy birthday, Adam!

Not sure if Rijst is joking or what, but I wasn't censoring myself - the joke is that I was starting to write "tits" but got "interrupted" by Adam's shocking admission of guilt.

Discuss Blog Entries / Re: Comic Hiatus and Website Birthday
« on: March 05, 2015, 02:37:36 AM »
The self-portrait is clearly meant to inspire you to not fuck things up over the next eight years.

Sweet, I'm loving this outer space anime-inspired bounty hunting crazy demon shinobi classic movie referencing craziness! Super anxious to see this interact with the main story.

Babe Alert: Like an oasis in the seemingly neverending desert of dude, Ket saves the day with her luscious curves, beautiful face, and bountiful t--

Also, (Aett's going to hate me for this) when Jessica first finished drawing Ket on this page, I actually thought her tits were too big, so Jessica toned them down a bit. It's a fine line to walk between a sexy huge bust and a ridiculous huge bust, and of course it's incredibly subjective.

Hmm, starting to see a connection between Minxy's music and the Satan Ninjas, beyond just the Satan connection. Or I could be making connections that don't exist again.

Do I even have to mention the awesome colors? Fuck I love that '80s neon pink.

I'm glad the characters aren't spending too much time trying to work out what the hell is going on and just trying to take care of it as soon as they can. It can be hard to tell when you read one page a week, but the comic has really good pacing. I know that if I were to buy a single completed issue, I would be very satisfied with the sheer amount of content and quality.

Babe Alert: what is happening

i feel weak

so very weak

God damn but I love how Sam is persistent enough to hold that pose but just instantly drops the act once he gets the scream he wanted.

Babe Alert: Um, I can kinda see Minxy on the album cover?

As always, the use of color is one of the best visual parts of this comic. Especially in the way that light is used to alter other colors with its glow and reflection.

I hope there's a closeup of the Game Boy screen, because if that's an original mockup of a fake game, that is a DAMN good job.

"Pathetic, shambling gait" make me laugh. I have a feeling they'd probably say the same about his footsteps even on a good day.

Babe Alert: ...Again, not a babe to be seen. Something doesn't feel right...

I'll see your Hannibal scene and raise you this scene from the '81 horror film, Evilspeak (NSFW).

...That babe is really hot. Too bad she dies almost instantly, but it'll do. For now.

Calling it now: this whole "magic ninja glove" thing goes nowhere. ;)

But seriously, I keep expecting a powerful revenge sequence not unlike in The Mask, even if that movie was a few years too late for this comic.

My Babe Alert isn't ringing. Is this the first page in months without sexy curves and bodacious bods?

The sudden shift to this page surprised me initially - I thought I missed a page - but reading through the chapter all at once, it is a great tone shift from the party scenes and prevents those from running on too long. I'm really curious about all this supernatural-type stuff that's going on around Sam.

Also, this page reminded me a tiny bit of the shitfest masquerading as a movie called "Hobgoblins", a terrible Gremlins ripoff that tried to be funnier and more clever than it could ever possibly be. You may have seen it as a late-season episode of MST3k and it's at least worth checking out THAT way. It is the worst of the '80s in a single package. But if you haven't seen it: basically, the hobgoblin creatures somehow use their Alien Magic to make people's weird fantasies come true and then the fantasies quickly turn on them and kill them.

Babe Alert: A lady that can titfuck her own uvula? That's my kind of girl.

"I'm so sure!" really brought me back to a place I had long forgotten. Nice to see Joe getting a touch of comeuppance and man oh man:

BABE ALERT: Tina ever too good for that guy. I can see him fucking up that relationship once he sobers up and overthinks the situation.

That went about as well as Eddie could have hoped. Also hoping we see more of Ryan, since he seems to be a real stand-up dude in the face of bunch of wacked-out punks.

The colors continue to dazzle and the action has not disappointed one bit.

Babe Alert: It says a lot about the sexiness of these ladies by the fact that they still have obviously sexualized figures even from a distance (bottom row).

Discuss Blog Entries / Re: Merry 198X-Mas 2014
« on: December 26, 2014, 01:01:57 AM »
Merry Christmas, you two.

Fuck yes, this page rocks. Love the flames of vengeance especially. I'm really trying to not think about all the possibilities of what might happen next so I can just enjoy it as it happens.

Babe Alert: what can I say? More great shots of Veronica's amazing rack and a cameo by two other hotties.

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