Hiatus Continues - Dude Shinobi Nunchuck Poster

While I've been working almost constantly at my security job, Jessica's been busy working through our Satan Ninja to-do list. Here's another revamped poster from Eddie's room:

Dude Shinobi

And for comparison, here's the previous version as it appeared in the comic:

Old Dude Shinobi Chuck

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Hiatus Continues - Wrathgar Poster

One of the things on Jessica's to-do list during this haitus is make some more posters for Eddie's room. Here's the latest one she's finished:

wrathgar arcade video game poster

I've had a crazy work schedule the past couple of weeks, where I've been working between 12 to 16 hours every day--that's the reason I haven't done any reviews lately. However, this week should be the final one with such an intense work shedule, and then I'll get back to making more substantial posts.

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The Evolution of Eddie's Dude Shinobi Poster

Dude Shinobi Satan Ninja 198X

So in-between working extra shifts and having turkey-centric events with friends and family, Jessica's been working on detailing the posters in Eddie's basement room. She recently finished reworking Eddie's Dude Shinobi poster, but this isn't the first time she's redone it.

Back in 2008, she drew the first half-dozen pages of what was originally going to be a short prologue to the comic until we decided to expand it into a full issue. The pages were a lot rougher back then. Here's what the original poster looked like:

Duke Shinobi Poster

You can see that the character's name was originally Duke Shinobi and he had blond hair. However, a couple people we showed the page to understandably assumed he was meant to be a Duke Nukem parody. That wasn't our intent at all, so we knew we had to make some changes.

Here's the second version of the poster:

Dude Shinobi Poster

And finally, here's the poster in its current, most radical form:

Dude Shinobi Poster Updated

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