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Jessica Safron Punk Girl Photoshoot

I've decided to get back in the habit of making a weekly blog post, which will usually happen on Wednesdays.

Last summer, when we were in pre-production for the SN8X promo videos, our friend Izabella VanRyn came over and did a makeup and hair test for Jessica's punk character. We also used the opportunity to test out our new camera's picture taking functionality, resulting in a mini-photoshoot.

I was going to share some of these in the two blog posts I wrote about the making of the promo videos, but I didn't want to over-stuff those with pictures, so I decided to save these for their own post.

Jessica Safron

You might notice Jessica's wearing a different top here than she did in the promo. We decided not to go with this one because we wanted something more cleavagy. Also, she can't wear a bra with this top and any time she raised her arms up, the shirt would rise, exposing her tits. So it's a good thing we didn't use it, as Jessica got super drunk during the promo shoot and I imagine a drunk Jessica and a top that's prone to wardrobe malfunctions would be a bad combo. Or a great combo, depending on your perspective. It at least would've ensured an interesting outtake reel...

Anyway, fear not! I made sure not to include any nipple-baring photos here, although things do get a bit underbooby.

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Satan Ninja Promos Commentary Part 2: The Revenge

If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read Part One of my commentary on the making of our live-action SN8X promo videos. That part covered pre-production, now this’ll cover the rest.

Once again, I’ll be sprinkling this post with promo shots taken during the production, like this one:

Jessica Safron & Adam Dravian
Photo by Michael Cook.

There's also a behind the scenes video at the very end of this post.


Satan Ninja Promos Commentary Part 1: Pre-Production

Promo Still: The whole cast of the promo: Me, Izzy, Matt, Jessica, & Gregg.

In the fall of 2015, we gathered with some friends and made the raddest promo videos to ever promote an '80s-themed comic about a nerd turned satanic ninja. If you've somehow missed our video gifts to the world, you can watch them here.

So how did we manage to pull off such a totally radical feat? Great question. In fact, I'm making this blog post to tell you exactly that. In order to keep this from being mega-massive, I'll break it into two parts, with this part covering the pre-production.

I'll also be peppering this with pictures taken during the production, so if you don't give a fuck how the promos were made, you can just scroll down and enjoy the eye candy.


A little preview of what's to come.

The image you see above is a screenshot taken from one of the secret projects we've been working on: a live action Satan Ninja 198X promo. We've been shooting it over the course of the last few weeks and just shot the final scenes for it earlier today. It'll be a series of cheesy '80s-inspired commercials for our comic starring Jessica and I (and some of our awesome friends) in various roles.

We figured this would be a way more interesting way to use our "advertising budget" than to do something more typical like take out add space or whatever. You'll be hearing more about (and watching!) the promo soon, but for now, here's a couple more screenshots:

Jessica as Veronica Dancing Satan Ninja Promo

Veronica & Punks Satan Ninja Promo

Coke Guy & Veronica Satan Ninja Promo