Issue 2 Page 20 Posted & News Update

You can read the latest page here!

This page is being posted later than we had anticipated, due to Jessica being called in to work extra hours at her job. Total bummer, I know.

We’ve decided that we’re not going to post a new page this coming weekend, and instead Jessica is going to draw a special Halloween treat. Delaying the next page will give Jessica time to go back and do some touch-ups to some of the recently posted pages, and get a head start on next week’s page so that hopefully she’ll be able to get back on track with posting new pages every Saturday.

Also, this week I’ll be posting a review for one of our favorite ‘80s Halloween horror films, one that often seems to fly under the radar.

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Issue 2 Page 13 Posted & A Bit of News

Read it here!

Shortly after I wrote up the previous blog post about our first review, we noticed we've also been featured on a German site, by Guddy. And here's the delightfully weird Google Translate version of the page.

Now we're off to Midoricon for the weekend (if you're anywhere near northern Ohio, you should totally come and marvel at how rad we are, then buy a bunch of sweet prints and a physical copy of issue 1).

Don't expect a page Saturday. We posted it today instead because we aren't sure what our Internet situation will be.

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Our First Satan Ninja Review ... and Driller [1984]

Driller 1984 Michael Jackson Thriller porn parody poster

Tuesday was a bit of a milestone day for us: it marked the first time that we discovered an article about our comic out in the wild of the Internet.

Over at Strange Kid's Club (a site that revels in nostalgic geekery), the Editor-in-Chief reviewed issue one, rightly declaring Satan Ninja 198X  "one of the raddest webcomics you should be reading right now." You can read the article here. He even pointed out a couple references that no one else has called us on yet, although he was a little off the mark with Archie and Duke Nukem (but I could totally see why he'd draw those comparisons). Anyway, for being the first dude bad enough to write an article about our comic, he totally deserves a mega high-five.

In other news, Jessica and I managed to catch Ghostbusters in the theater this weekend. Quick Review: It fucking ruled.

We're currently scrambling to have everything ready for Medoricon this weekend. Since we don't know what our Internet situation will be, we're going to post the next page tomorrow.

Finally, I didn't want to go two weeks without doing a review or featuring something, so I'm gonna quickly shine the spotlight on Driller [NSFW].


Satan Ninja News & Dr. Von Crypt

Back in my May news post, I said we were really gonna start promoting our comic to the masses by doing things like paying for advertisements. However, we’ve since decided it’d be best to wait until issue 2 is all posted, since the first two issues are the setup act. The comic’s core concept really kicks in at the start of issue 3, so that’s when we'll begin pushing this thing out there.

The Midoricon convention in northern Ohio is coming up in just a little over a week. It’ll be our first time unsheathing Satan Ninja and stabbing it right into the public eye. The convention mostly focuses on anime, so it’ll be interesting to see how many anime fans are rad enough dudes to like our comic.

In related news, since we need something to actually sell at the convention, we ordered up some printed copies of issue one. We got the proof in the mail the other day, and it’s awesome to the max to actually hold a physical copy of our creation for the first time. Behold its glory:

Adam Dravian & Jessica Safron with issue 1 of Satan Ninja 198X

Jessica Safron with Satan Ninja 198X issue 1

These pictures were taken earlier today on the set of The Abominable Dr. Von Crypt. What the hell is that, you ask? Well, it’s basically a tribute to those horror host shows, like what Elvira used to do. It’s an Internet show that’ll feature old shitty movies about atomic monsters, robots, vampires, and all that fun stuff. It’s the brainchild of a friend of ours, Jay Barron, who’ll be writing, producing, and editing it, as well as portraying the titular doctor, while Jessica will be co-starring as his sexy assistant, Valeria. These pictures show Jessica in her, uh, pre-transformation form, as a bubbly blonde valley girl named Valerie (hence the blonde wig).

Here she is with the doctor himself:

Dr. Von Crypt, Valerie, & Satan Ninja 198X

Today was the first day of shooting, which basically consisted of Jessica being manacled in Von Crypt’s laboratory while the doctor poked and prodded her with an assortment of wacky gadgets (all handcrafted by Jay, who also created the awesome lab set). If all goes well, the results will be uploaded this weekend. If you’re curious, you can learn more about the show at the Von Crypt facebook page.

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Issue 2 Page 1 Posted & a Minor Retcon

You can check out page 1 of issue 2 here.

So a couple weeks ago, we stealthily added our first retcon to the comic (I promise we won't make a habit of it). Back when this website launched, Eddie and his friends were high school juniors, and Eddie was celebrating his 17th birthday in mid-May. But now, if you go back and read the comic you'll find that Eddie and his friends are high school seniors, and Eddie is celebrating his 18th birthday in early May.

Why the change? Well, we decided that this was the only "high school" era tale we wanted to tell in Satan Ninja 198X so there wasn't much point in keeping Eddie in school for another year. Also, since this story arc is building up to the prom, it made more sense to make it the penultimate high school event: the senior prom. Plus, making most of the characters 18 has the added benefit of helping us stay out of legal hot water with these characters engaging in sexual activities.

The date was changed to the start of May so that we had a bit more room to play with before the prom occurs.

The character profiles have also been updated to reflect this change. Oh, and Jessica re-drew Veronica's school picture, because we weren't happy with the old one.

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Issue 01, Page 19 Posted - Also A News Update

Page 19 is now posted and you can check it out here!

That leaves us with only three more pages before all of Issue 01 - Video Dreamer is available to read on the site. But if you'd rather read the rest of the issue right-fucking-now, or simply want to support the comic, you can purchase the entire first issue from our store (paying whatever you'd like for it). It includes 4 exclusive pages of early concept sketches with commentary by Jessica. And it has a preview of the badass cover Jessica did for Issue 02 - Party Like It's 198X.

Speaking of which, here's Jessica hard at work on one of the pages for Issue 02.

Jessica Safron drawing Satan Ninja 198X

And here's me, probably writing about boobs or something.

Adam Dravian writting Satan Ninja 198X

We just got our first convention confirmation, so if you'd like to meet us in person and pick up a physical copy of the comic, you should be able to do so at this year's Midoricon.

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Alternate Issue 1 Cover & Promotion

Satan Ninja 198X Issue 01 Alternate Cover Double Dragon II parody

Above you can see a preview image for the alternate cover that'll be featured on some of the print versions of Issue 01 (we hope to have the print versions of issue 01 ready by this summer). If the image looks familiar to you, that's because it's a parody of this badass promotional art done for Double Dragon II.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge arcade flyer

We'd love to credit the original artist, but can't find out that information anywhere. So if any of you know who made that masterpiece, let us know.

Also, since we launched this website back in March, we've pretty much only told our friends and acquaintances about it. But starting today, we're going to promote it to strangers on the 'net. Hopefully our rad little comic can find its audience.

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Holy shit. At long last, Satan Ninja 198X has roundhoused its way onto the web (big thanks to our Web Dude, Ghoul!).


This is a project Jessica and I have been talking about for a long time, and we’re pumped to finally unleash it.

The first 10 pages of our comic have been posted here, and we’ll be posting an additional page every Saturday (Satanday? Hell yeah). The whole first issue is done, but if we post the whole thing at once, that won’t give Jessica much of a buffer. However, those of you who’d rather not wait for us to post the entirety of the first issue can download it right now from our store.

So give our comic a read, poke around the website, and let us know what you think over at the forums. Since this website is freshly spawned from the depths of Neon Hell, there might be some growing pains. If you have any issues with the website, pester our Web Dude, Ghoul, about it (

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