Our First Satan Ninja Review ... and Driller [1984]

Driller 1984 Michael Jackson Thriller porn parody poster

Tuesday was a bit of a milestone day for us: it marked the first time that we discovered an article about our comic out in the wild of the Internet.

Over at Strange Kid's Club (a site that revels in nostalgic geekery), the Editor-in-Chief reviewed issue one, rightly declaring Satan Ninja 198X  "one of the raddest webcomics you should be reading right now." You can read the article here. He even pointed out a couple references that no one else has called us on yet, although he was a little off the mark with Archie and Duke Nukem (but I could totally see why he'd draw those comparisons). Anyway, for being the first dude bad enough to write an article about our comic, he totally deserves a mega high-five.

In other news, Jessica and I managed to catch Ghostbusters in the theater this weekend. Quick Review: It fucking ruled.

We're currently scrambling to have everything ready for Medoricon this weekend. Since we don't know what our Internet situation will be, we're going to post the next page tomorrow.

Finally, I didn't want to go two weeks without doing a review or featuring something, so I'm gonna quickly shine the spotlight on Driller [NSFW].

Driller a sexual thriller 1984 porn parody VHS box art

If you're reading this, then I'm going to assume you're familiar with Michael Jackson's 1983 music video for "Thriller" (if you're somehow not, you should totally rectify that now since it's possibly the greatest video ever).

Driller is, of course, a porn parody of the "Thriller" video, which was released in 1984. The basic plot involves popstar "Mr. J" paying a surprise late-night visit to the busty president of his fan club so he can turn into a monster and, uh, drill her. And there are zombies and lame dancing and bad Michael Jackson rip-off music. You get the idea.

As a porn movie, it's awful, without a single decent sex scene. But as a fucked-up crazy horror movie oddity, well, it's still terrible, but parts of it are kind of awesome.

Just check this video, which edits together the best moments from Driller's best scene. It doesn't contain any real hardcore porn, but it's definitely not safe for work.

Driller: An Erotic Thriller NSFW by everythingisterrible