January 2016 Blog Posts

Glossary & A New Satan Ninja Write-Up

Reading a comic like ours at the pace of one page a week can make it hard to remember everything that's been introduced within the comic so far. So to help you out with that, we've decided to add a Glossary page to this website in addition to the Characters page. The Glossary page even contains some tidbits that haven't yet been fully made clear in the comic. We'll continue to update it as the comic goes along.

Even though this comic seems, at a glance, to just be '80s-inspired silliness, we've actually spent a lot of time working out all the details and lore of the Satan Ninja 198X universe, resulting in a massive internal reference document that we refer to as the Satan Ninja Bible. The other day, I was talking to our weblord Ghoul about the possibility of implementing a wiki section to our site. It's too early for something like that now, but if the fan base ever gets big enough and are interested in something like that, we'll probably implement it.

Also, we've just been featured on Drive Radio's website. It's a website that mostly serves as a webradio that plays modern '80s-inspired synth bands (like the ones you'll find over on our sidebar under "Unofficial Soundtrack"), but they also have reviews and feature other rad things (like our comic), so check it out. We were especially amused by the final line of their Satan Ninja write-up.

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Some Updates to Old Comic Pages

We've always felt that Satan Ninja 198X should be considered a work in progress until we actually finish it and collect it into physical graphic novel form. So over the course of the past few weeks, we've once again gone back and made some updates to Issue 1 and 2, mostly in preparation for our next print run of those issues.

We didn't make too many changes, and most of the updates to the art are so minor you probably won't even notice them. For instance, a couple background extras at the pool party scene were given slightly more '80s looking hair. Stuff like that.

There be boobs ahead, so don't venture on if you're at work or hangin' with grams or whatever.


We're the Best, Around

So the extremely wise dudes over at Pipedream Comics have declared Satan Ninja 198X one of the top 10 indie digital comics and webcomics of 2015. How fuckin' rad is that?

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Satan, Cousin Balki, Tom Guycot, ALF, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The latest page of this award-winning comic (we can call ourselves that now, right?) is going to go up later than usual. But it's a super awesome page, so it'll totally be worth it.

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