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Hiatus Continues For Just A Little Bit Longer...

Things have gotten pretty quiet around here, we know. It's the calm before the storm.

My debut novel is coming out this next October, so Jessica's been editing it and whipping up illustrations for it. But don't worry, most of her time has been going toward working on the third issue of Satan Ninja 198X. She's mostly been focusing on the Issue 3 pages, which are looking awesome, but now she's shifted focus and has begun kicking ass on the cover. Here's a little preview:

Satan Ninja 198X Issue 3 Cover Preview by Jessica Safron

And then we have a couple secret Satan Ninja-related projects that we've been working on. It looks like the big one will finally be ready to be unleashed sometime in October, at which time we'll finally be coming off our hiatus.

Like always, you can use the icons on the sidebar to follow us on social media or subscribe to the mailing list so you'll know as soon as we resume updating the comic.

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Hiatus Continues - New PDFs (or CBZ/CBR) Available & A New Minxy

If you ninja flip over to our store section, you'll see that Issue 2 is now available as a high resolution PDF (and CBR and CBZ). This digital download version of Issue 2 includes three pages of pre-production sketches and notes with commentary by Jessica. We've also updated the Issue 1 PDF to version 2, which includes all the updated art, plus an additional page of bonus sketches and commentary (if you already purchased the Issue 1 PDF, you'll be able to download the new version for free).

Here's an example of how much higher quality the digital download versions of the comic are compared to the pages we host on this site:

As we were assembling the digital download of Issue 2, we gave the comic a final lookover and decided that Minxy wasn't looking quite right in her first appearance. So Jessica gave her an update, taking a little inspiration from some "totally outrageous" '80s cartoons.

Minxy of Demon Hammer Shredding on Guitar

However, she won't typically be sporting that sort of makeup. She's just dolled up that way for the music video.

Our hiatus isn't quite over yet, but we're getting there. And just so you know, we don't ever intend to go on another extended hiatus like this again. Once we resume updating the comic, we plan to keep going until it's done. Of course we'll probably take a week off here and there when things get too hectic, but nothing even close to the half-year break we've been on now. If you wanna be notified as soon as this hiatus ends, you can sign up for our mailing list and we'll shoot you an email once Issue 3 begins.

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