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Satan Ninja 198X Live-Action Promo

After a few sleepless days of editing, the live-action Satan Ninja 198X promo is finally done—and it's rad as hell! Check it out and see for yourself:

It's the closest you can get to seeing a live-action Satan Ninja 198X movie—for now.

There's no way this would have turned out nearly as kick-ass if it weren't for so many of our super-talented friends who helped us out with this. We're especially grateful to Mike Cook for the sweet lighting, the use of his studio, his filmmaking advice, his ultra-sweet tunes, and his amazing photography; Izabella VanRyn for doing an incredible job with the makeup; and Jay Barron of Evil Duck Workshop for making the Satan Ninja belt, and for turning a Power Glove into the most badass prop of all: the Shinobi Fist of Hellpower! Also thanks to Nightcrawler, BATTLEDAMAGE, and Greggory Samsa for lending some super bitchin' tunes.

My next blog post will go into some of the behind the scenes details of the promo and I'll share some more of the awesome set pictures Michael Cook took, like the one of the "Satan Ninja" below. But right now I'm completely exhausted and need to get some sleep.

One final thing: if you dig this video, please share it and help us spread the word about our radical comic. It'd really mean a lot to Jessica and me.

Live-Action Satan Ninja 198X Promo set photo

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Our Hiatus Is Over! Bask In the Radness of The Issue 3 Cover!

Click the thumbnail to check it out!

Also, our webdude Ghoul has updated the About The Character's page, so now they're all nicely organized instead of having every profile stacked in one big-ass list. Thanks, Ghoul!

As for our live action promo videos, I'm currently making the final edits to them. They'll be posted here as soon as they're ready. Definitly this week—possibly as soon as tomorrow. They're super awesome, and we can't wait for everyone to see them. Our previous update contained some preview images, so check it out if you missed it.

Sorry our hiatus lasted so much longer than we expected. We're back now, and we plan to keep chugging along with weekly updates for a long time to come.

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A little preview of what's to come.

The image you see above is a screenshot taken from one of the secret projects we've been working on: a live action Satan Ninja 198X promo. We've been shooting it over the course of the last few weeks and just shot the final scenes for it earlier today. It'll be a series of cheesy '80s-inspired commercials for our comic starring Jessica and I (and some of our awesome friends) in various roles.

We figured this would be a way more interesting way to use our "advertising budget" than to do something more typical like take out add space or whatever. You'll be hearing more about (and watching!) the promo soon, but for now, here's a couple more screenshots:

Jessica as Veronica Dancing Satan Ninja Promo

Veronica & Punks Satan Ninja Promo

Coke Guy & Veronica Satan Ninja Promo