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Jessica Safron Punk Girl Photoshoot

I've decided to get back in the habit of making a weekly blog post, which will usually happen on Wednesdays.

Last summer, when we were in pre-production for the SN8X promo videos, our friend Izabella VanRyn came over and did a makeup and hair test for Jessica's punk character. We also used the opportunity to test out our new camera's picture taking functionality, resulting in a mini-photoshoot.

I was going to share some of these in the two blog posts I wrote about the making of the promo videos, but I didn't want to over-stuff those with pictures, so I decided to save these for their own post.

Jessica Safron

You might notice Jessica's wearing a different top here than she did in the promo. We decided not to go with this one because we wanted something more cleavagy. Also, she can't wear a bra with this top and any time she raised her arms up, the shirt would rise, exposing her tits. So it's a good thing we didn't use it, as Jessica got super drunk during the promo shoot and I imagine a drunk Jessica and a top that's prone to wardrobe malfunctions would be a bad combo. Or a great combo, depending on your perspective. It at least would've ensured an interesting outtake reel...

Anyway, fear not! I made sure not to include any nipple-baring photos here, although things do get a bit underbooby.

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Satan Ninja Promos Commentary Part 2: The Revenge

If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read Part One of my commentary on the making of our live-action SN8X promo videos. That part covered pre-production, now this’ll cover the rest.

Once again, I’ll be sprinkling this post with promo shots taken during the production, like this one:

Jessica Safron & Adam Dravian
Photo by Michael Cook.

There's also a behind the scenes video at the very end of this post.