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Hiatus Continues - Dude Shinobi Calendar

Dude Shinobi 198X

Jessica's putting the final touches on Issue 2's pages, so expect a mega-load of images to get radical updates very soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the Dude Shinobi calendar that adorns Eddie's bedroom wall:

Dude Shinobi Calendar

You're welcome.

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Hiatus Continues - Updating Issue 2 & River City

As we prepare for our next convention appearance (at Anime Midwest in Chicago, 4th of July weekend--you should totally come say hi if you'll be in the area), we're now getting Issue 2 ready for print. Jessica's currently going through it and updating the pages that were either rushed out in the first place, or need to be updated due to us finalizing the designs of Eddie and Alex's houses (which ended up being very different from what Jessica drew before).

The cafeteria scene that opens Issue 2 has now been updated on this site. Here are some comparison shots so you can see how it evolved (there are some NSFW tits [my favorite kind!], so I'll put the images after the break).

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