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Movie Review - The Octagon [1980]

As part of our “research” for our comic, we’ve been watching a whole fuck-ton of 80s movies, both to refresh ourselves on the classics and to hopefully uncover some more forgotten gems, like the 1986 horror film Trick or Treat. Since we’re watching these movies, I figured I might as well review some of them.

It felt appropriate to kick off our movie reviews with the film that, as far my Internet sleuthing can uncover, is the first American-made 80s movie about ninjas. It also has Chuck Norris. And, best of all, the thoughts of Chuck Norris.

I’m speaking of the 1980 action film, The Octagon.

The Octagon [1980] original poster

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Music Video - "Der Kommissar" by Falco


I doubt any of you would be surprised to learn that Jessica and I dig a lot of 80s music, from mainstream pop to underground metal. One of the many sources of inspiration for our comic comes from 80s music videos. So I thought I'd occasionally use this blog to highlight some of the more interesting videos we've come across.

Obviously, Austria's greatest export during the 80s was Arnold Schwarzenegger. But as far as musical exports, they gave us Falco.

In the US, Falco's known as a one-hit wonder for his song "Rock Me Amadeus" (used to great effect in the retro-80s film, Adventureland). But he actually had another hit song here in the 80s... kind of. The song I'm talking about is "Der Kommissar," and although it was originally by Falco, the version that made it big here in the states is a cover of his song by the British band, After the Fire. Falco's version was released in '81, while After the Fire released their English-language cover of the song a year later.

You might think you've never heard of "Der Kommissar," but I'm sure most of you would recognize it once you heard the chorus, if you're familiar with 80s pop music.

So to give Falco his due, here's an awesomely stupid music video he made for the original version of the song.

The quality of this YouTube video sucks, but it's the best I could find. If anyone knows of a better quality version, let me know. I'm aware that there's an alternate video for this song on YouTube that's higher quality, but that alternate video isn't nearly as good.



Holy shit. At long last, Satan Ninja 198X has roundhoused its way onto the web (big thanks to our Web Dude, Ghoul!).


This is a project Jessica and I have been talking about for a long time, and we’re pumped to finally unleash it.

The first 10 pages of our comic have been posted here, and we’ll be posting an additional page every Saturday (Satanday? Hell yeah). The whole first issue is done, but if we post the whole thing at once, that won’t give Jessica much of a buffer. However, those of you who’d rather not wait for us to post the entirety of the first issue can download it right now from our store.

So give our comic a read, poke around the website, and let us know what you think over at the forums. Since this website is freshly spawned from the depths of Neon Hell, there might be some growing pains. If you have any issues with the website, pester our Web Dude, Ghoul, about it (

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