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New Character School Pictures, Plus a FAQ.

Jessica Safron School Photo

Jessica was never satisfied with her previous "school photo" she had on the site, so she redrew it, resulting in the way better one you see above. She's also reworked some of the character's school photos (like finally updating the hair on Sam), and added a bunch of new ones, like this one of Alex's sister and Veronica's best friend, Heather:

Heather Hyser School Photo

You can check 'em all out on the About the Characters page.

Now that we've done some conventions and talked to a lot of people about Satan Ninja 198X, we've gotten enough recurring questions to put together a FAQ. So you can check our FAQ out here, which includes a big list of some of the '80s stuff that inspired our comic.

As we prepare to come off our hiatus, we'll be making some more changes and updates to the website. There's also some totally rad stuff that's been going on behind the scenes, but it's stuff that we can't talk about just yet. But soon!

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Death on a Hoverboard & Satan Ninja News

Biggest Problem in the Universe Death Ridding Hoverboard

The newest episode of our favorite podcast, The Biggest Problem in the Universe, came out today, and the mega-rad thumbnail image for the episode was drawn by Jessica. It also happens to be one of the best episodes of the podcast, so you should totally give it a listen.

So you might be thinking, "Gee, Adam, that's a neat image and all, but when the hell are we getting new pages of Satan Ninja?"

Don't worry, Jessica's been bustin' her hot ass on Satan Ninja art. Not only are we working on Issue 3, but we've got some other top secret Satan Ninja-related projects in the works, which will be unveiled in the next month or so. I'm also doing one final re-write of my horror novel, which should be ready for me to publish just in time for the spooky season.

I know things have been pretty quiet on this website lately, but that's just because we've been so busy working on all this stuff. Our haitus is almost over, and so new pages will be posted soon. If you want to get notified as soon as a new page goes live, you can click the little mail icon on our site's sidebar and sign up for email notifications. You can also follow the comic on Facebook or Twitter and hope you happen to catch our posts/tweets.

Also, Jessica turns 27 this week. So happy birthday to my favorite blue-haired artist babe. Here's a birthday card she quickly whipped up for herself:

Jessica Safron 27th Birthday

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