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Music Video - Mötley Crüe - Looks That Kill [1983]

Mötley Crüe 1983

For a long time, I had dismissed most hair-metal for being, as Manowar would put it, “false metal.” But in recent years, I gained a newfound appreciation for the absurdity of hair-metal and how quintessentially ‘80s it is.

Sure, plenty of hair-metal sucks (White Lion), but some of it totally rules (W.A.S.P.). I promoted Mötley Crüe into the “rules” category after watching their video for “Looks That Kill.” It’s got it all: weird post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, babes in cages, flaming pentagrams, spiked walls ... This video is objectively rad.

This video was actually released in January of ‘84, but the album it was featured on, Shout at the Devil, was released in the fall of ‘83.

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Movie Review - Revenge of the Ninja [1983]

1983. The year the third Star Wars movie pussed out and changed its title from Revenge of the Jedi to Return of the Jedi. It was also the year that the second part of the thematic “Ninja Trilogy” flipped into theaters (you can read my review of the first movie here). Did the ninja return? Fuck no. The ninja came back for revenge.

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Issue 2 Page 13 Posted & A Bit of News

Read it here!

Shortly after I wrote up the previous blog post about our first review, we noticed we've also been featured on a German site, by Guddy. And here's the delightfully weird Google Translate version of the page.

Now we're off to Midoricon for the weekend (if you're anywhere near northern Ohio, you should totally come and marvel at how rad we are, then buy a bunch of sweet prints and a physical copy of issue 1).

Don't expect a page Saturday. We posted it today instead because we aren't sure what our Internet situation will be.

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Our First Satan Ninja Review ... and Driller [1984]

Driller 1984 Michael Jackson Thriller porn parody poster

Tuesday was a bit of a milestone day for us: it marked the first time that we discovered an article about our comic out in the wild of the Internet.

Over at Strange Kid's Club (a site that revels in nostalgic geekery), the Editor-in-Chief reviewed issue one, rightly declaring Satan Ninja 198X  "one of the raddest webcomics you should be reading right now." You can read the article here. He even pointed out a couple references that no one else has called us on yet, although he was a little off the mark with Archie and Duke Nukem (but I could totally see why he'd draw those comparisons). Anyway, for being the first dude bad enough to write an article about our comic, he totally deserves a mega high-five.

In other news, Jessica and I managed to catch Ghostbusters in the theater this weekend. Quick Review: It fucking ruled.

We're currently scrambling to have everything ready for Medoricon this weekend. Since we don't know what our Internet situation will be, we're going to post the next page tomorrow.

Finally, I didn't want to go two weeks without doing a review or featuring something, so I'm gonna quickly shine the spotlight on Driller [NSFW].