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Happy Halloween! (2016 Edition)

Every month, Jessica and I make a black and white SN8X bonus strip for Jessica's Patreon (which, by the way, is over half-way toward reaching the first goal!). You could sort of think of these bonus comics as deleted scenes. They tend to show some amusing aside that adds some extra flavor to the SN8X-verse, but isn't essential to the story (like the two peeping ninjas arguing about whether or not Alex's bedroom belongs to a boy or a girl, or Patrick Hyser's battle with the sensei of the Snake Shi).

This month is our 8th such bonus comic, and it's a flashback to a Halloween when Eddie, at the age of 14, first got up the courage to ask Veronica on a date. Showing you the whole comic wouldn't be fair to Jessica's awesome Patrons, since its a reward for their support, but we hope you enjoy this sneak peak of Eddie and Joe in their Halloween costumes.

In other news, we've recently received an award! As part of our effort to get as many people as possible aware of our comic, we upload it to several webcomic hosting sites. One of those is The Duck (previously known as Drunk Duck), and they hand out annual awards that are determined by the votes of the readers. Someone nominated us for the category of Best Superhero comic, and we ended up winning. Here's the announcement, which was done in comic form.

It's interesting, because as I said in the past, I don't really think of SN8X as a superhero comic, but I can understand how it qualifies as one.

Anyway, hope all you dudes have a mega-radical Halloween!


Grim October

Grim October by Adam Dravian

It's done!

It's finally fucking done!

After fourteen years, I've finally published my first novel, Grim October.

Not that I've worked on it consistently all that time—that'd be absurd. I finished the first draft in 2009, then every couple years or so, I'd bust it out and give it a revision.

And now it's done and it's published and you should totally click here and buy it. Because it's awesome.

However, it's awesome in a different way than Satan Ninja 198X is awesome. Naturally, it's set in the 1980s (mostly 1989), but it's not an over-the-top comedy homage like SN8X—it's a full-fledged supernatural horror novel. Think Stephen King meets Richard Laymon (if you haven't heard of Laymon, he specialized in fast-paced and brutal-yet-fun horror filled with sex and violence).

So Grim October definitely has a more serious and realistic tone than SN8X, but it's not without humor, and it has some of the other sensibilities you'd expect from me, such as '80s pop-culture references, sexy babes, and brutal violence. And if you're a little wary after reading "young love" on the cover, don't worry. I assure you that this is a far cry from the sort of sappy young adult fiction that involves sparkling vampires.

So what's my book about? Well, I don't want to give much of the plot away, so I'll just say that its about a seventeen-year-old named Derek who moves to a small town in Michigan around Halloween time, and uncovers some kind of supernatural horror.

It's a little bit like Stranger Things, except it focuses on older teens and, if it were a movie, it'd receive a hard-R rating for sex, violence, strong language, and drug use. If I had to compare it to some '80s movies, I'd say it has some similarities to Trick or Treat, River's EdgeA Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Lost Boys (though it's not about vampires).

Oh, and of course it features awesome illustrations by Jessica Safron. Here's an example:

Grim October beast by Jessica Safron

So now you know why things have been so quiet around here. We've been trying like hell to get this book out during the spooky season. I had planned to release it on October 1st, but I ended up re-writing some of it and Jessica re-worked some of her illustrations. But hey, at least it's made it out just in time for Halloween weekend.

And now that this book is finally done, we can go back to focusing on Satan Ninja 198X. So you can expect more frequent updates.

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Issue 3 Page 34 (finally!)

Holy shit has it been a long time since we posted an update. Super sorry about that.

This month has been an insane one for us for various reasons. The comic was essentially put on hold while Jessica worked on a commission that ended up taking her far longer than she anticipated (there're some videos of her working on it on Twitch), and I've been busy trying to finish my debut novel so I could publish it during the spooky season. My book's now finally done and just waiting for Jessica to give it a final proofread. I'll be posting more about that very soon, and I'll also go into more detail about what's been happening with us. For now, I hope you dudes enjoy the latest page. The next update won't take nearly as long.

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