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Radicast 198X - 004 - Xtro

Radicast 198X Xtro review

Hell yeah! We feel that this is the episode where we hit our podcasting stride. Definitely the best one yet. We discuss Xtro, a bizarre 1982 British sci-fi horror movie made in the wake of E.T.'s mega success, in which we learn that some extraterrestrials aren't friendly.

Other media we briefly talk about this episode:

E.T. [1982], The Pod People [1983], Joey/Making Contact [1985], The Neverending Story [1984], The Karate Kid [1984],
Quest For Fire [1981], Conan the Destroyer [1984], Starman [1984], Resident Evil (Dual Shock Ver.) [1998], 
The Deadly Spawn [1983], Sorceress [1982]

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