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Hiatus Continues - Cowabunga Ninja Gators

Another week of our hiatus has passed, so it's time to share yet another poster for Eddie's room. (In case you're wondering, Jessica's doing a lot more than draw these posters during this downtime, but the other stuff isn't ready to be shown yet.)

This week you get to gaze upon the radical reptilian foursome known as the Cowabunga Ninja Gators:

Cowabunga Ninja Gators

Eddie's biggest passions are Dude Shinobi, video games, and Veronica LeBrock. But he's also into comic books, so we wanted to give him a poster of his favorite comic. Of course, the Cowabunga Ninja Gators have also been turned into a more kid-friendly Saturday morning cartoon which has recently become a smash hit within the SN198X universe, but this poster represents the comic version, as that's what Eddie's into.

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Hiatus Continues - Space Babe Poster

I was hoping to post a different piece of art today, but it's not quite ready yet. Instead, you can feast your eyes on another redrawn poster for Eddie's room:

Space Babe

Jessica wrote the poster's text, most of which will be too small to read in the actual comic, so it didn't really matter what it said.

Here's the poster as it originally appeared in the comic, featuring some really wonky anatomy:

Original Space Babe

One of the reasons Jessica is redrawing these posters is because we decided that instead of having a bunch of smaller posters clustered together on the wall over Eddie's bed, we'd instead have larger posters that are spread out around his room. Jessica is also drawing them all straight-on and in higher quality so she can reuse them as much as she needs, instead of redrawing them in every panel they're featured in.

You can see that a slightly modified Space Babe makes an appearance on the cover of the Creepy Space Party VHS Joe gives to Eddie as a late birthday present:

Creepy Space Party VHS Space Babe

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Hiatus Continues - Dude Shinobi Nunchuck Poster

While I've been working almost constantly at my security job, Jessica's been busy working through our Satan Ninja to-do list. Here's another revamped poster from Eddie's room:

Dude Shinobi

And for comparison, here's the previous version as it appeared in the comic:

Old Dude Shinobi Chuck

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