Hiatus Continues - Cowabunga Ninja Gators

Another week of our hiatus has passed, so it's time to share yet another poster for Eddie's room. (In case you're wondering, Jessica's doing a lot more than draw these posters during this downtime, but the other stuff isn't ready to be shown yet.)

This week you get to gaze upon the radical reptilian foursome known as the Cowabunga Ninja Gators:

Cowabunga Ninja Gators

Eddie's biggest passions are Dude Shinobi, video games, and Veronica LeBrock. But he's also into comic books, so we wanted to give him a poster of his favorite comic. Of course, the Cowabunga Ninja Gators have also been turned into a more kid-friendly Saturday morning cartoon which has recently become a smash hit within the SN198X universe, but this poster represents the comic version, as that's what Eddie's into.

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