Satan Ninja 198X Live-Action Promo

After a few sleepless days of editing, the live-action Satan Ninja 198X promo is finally done—and it's rad as hell! Check it out and see for yourself:

It's the closest you can get to seeing a live-action Satan Ninja 198X movie—for now.

There's no way this would have turned out nearly as kick-ass if it weren't for so many of our super-talented friends who helped us out with this. We're especially grateful to Mike Cook for the sweet lighting, the use of his studio, his filmmaking advice, his ultra-sweet tunes, and his amazing photography; Izabella VanRyn for doing an incredible job with the makeup; and Jay Barron of Evil Duck Workshop for making the Satan Ninja belt, and for turning a Power Glove into the most badass prop of all: the Shinobi Fist of Hellpower! Also thanks to Nightcrawler, BATTLEDAMAGE, and Greggory Samsa for lending some super bitchin' tunes.

My next blog post will go into some of the behind the scenes details of the promo and I'll share some more of the awesome set pictures Michael Cook took, like the one of the "Satan Ninja" below. But right now I'm completely exhausted and need to get some sleep.

One final thing: if you dig this video, please share it and help us spread the word about our radical comic. It'd really mean a lot to Jessica and me.

Live-Action Satan Ninja 198X Promo set photo

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