Issue 01, Page 19 Posted - Also A News Update

Page 19 is now posted and you can check it out here!

That leaves us with only three more pages before all of Issue 01 - Video Dreamer is available to read on the site. But if you'd rather read the rest of the issue right-fucking-now, or simply want to support the comic, you can purchase the entire first issue from our store (paying whatever you'd like for it). It includes 4 exclusive pages of early concept sketches with commentary by Jessica. And it has a preview of the badass cover Jessica did for Issue 02 - Party Like It's 198X.

Speaking of which, here's Jessica hard at work on one of the pages for Issue 02.

Jessica Safron drawing Satan Ninja 198X

And here's me, probably writing about boobs or something.

Adam Dravian writting Satan Ninja 198X

We just got our first convention confirmation, so if you'd like to meet us in person and pick up a physical copy of the comic, you should be able to do so at this year's Midoricon.

Okay, so we've got this sweet comic that we're making. We love it, and we intend to keep going with it even if it never picks up much of an audience. The story is all plotted out, and we're too excited about it not to see it through to completion.

However, we know there have to be plenty of like-minded people out there who would dig the comic as much as we do. The problem, of course, is how to make these awesome people aware that this comic exists.

When we launched the website at the start of March, we basically only told our friends and family about it. More recently, we posted it to r/Comics on Reddit, which got us a big spike in page views, but r/Comics mostly caters to the three-panel gag-a-day style comic. We also got a Twitter shout-out from none-other than Maddox, which was awesome since we both think Maddox is fucking rad. So we're slowly but surely gaining some traction.

We're now looking into paying for advertisements, and all signs seem to be pointing us to Project Wonderful. We intend to take the money we've gotten from donations and comic sales and put that toward advertising, but that's not a lot of money, so we need to be selective and really make it count. It's a bit tricky to come up with the best places to advertise the comic since Satan Ninja 198X is kind of an odd beast. It's not a super hero comic, at least, not in the traditional sense. It's not a high-brow indy slice-of-life comic. It's not your traditional manga-inspired martial arts action adventure. It's not completely focused on video games and video game culture. It's not an erotic comic, although it does contain quite a bit of sex and gratuitous nudity. And it's certainly not a furry comic. So in the world of webcomics, that makes it hard to find its niche.

We're obviously new to this, so if any of you have any suggestions for us, we'd love to hear them. Also, if you know anyone that's a bad enough dude to like our comic, you should totally pass the word on. Meanwhile, we'll continue to churn out the radical glory that is Satan Ninja 198X.

Jessica Safron drawing Satan Ninja 198X

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