Radicast 198X Episodes 2 & 3: Vision Quest & Police Story

Radicast 198X Police Story & Vision Quest Review

In our third podcast episode, we discuss Police Story, a 1985 kung fu action comedy co-written, directed by, and starring Jackie Chan.

You should totally listen to it and learn all about our “Jackie Chan experience.”

Other movies or shows we briefly talk about in episode 3: Jackie Chan Adventures [2000-2005], Rumble in the Bronx [1995], City Hunter [1993], Project A-ko [1986], X-Men: Evolution [2000-2003], First Blood [1982]

You might be wondering what happened to episode 2. Well, it’s right here, under this rug, because we sorta fucked up. The program we used to record it detected the webcam we had plugged in (but weren’t using), and, because the program is a total dick, it decided to use the webcam’s shitty microphone instead of the good microphone that we were actually talking into. So the audio quality isn't the best, but we didn’t realize our goof until I went to edit it. Lesson learned.

We decided it just wouldn't be the same if we were to completely re-record the episode. Besides, it’s not unlistenable, it’s just not up to the high standards we strive for.

Check it out, and if you don’t mind the sub-par audio, you get to hear us discuss a rather obscure 1985 teen movie called Vision Quest.

We also talk a bit about ‘80s teen movies in general.

Other movies we briefly talk about in episode 2: Sixteen Candles [1984], Weird Science [1985], Some Kind of Wonderful [1987], Gotcha! [1985], After Hours [1985], Rocky IV [1985], The Quest [1986]

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