Adam and Jessica Debate the '80s on Maddox's Podcast

Best Debate in the Universe Maddox Satan Ninja Jessica Safron

It's a mega-honor to announce that Jessica and I flew out to LA to hang out with Maddox (whom we've both been long-time fans of) and to be featured as guests on the 28th episode of his awesome podcast, The Best Debate in the Universe. Check it out! I might be just a little biased, but I seriously think it's my favorite episode.

Also, you can check out this Twitch Stream Jessica and I did with Maddox last night (streaming some retro-style games, of course).

These past few days in LA have been superfun and it's a total bummer we now have to return to cold-ass Michigan, but we're excited to end the year by wrapping up Issue 3.

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