Issue 3 Page 14

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Jessica has a lot on her plate right now, so it’s unlikely she’d be able to get the next page done by this Saturday. Instead, we’re going to post it on the following Saturday (March 12), which should get us back on track for regular Saturday updates. Plus, it’ll give Jessica a chance to catch up on things and take a much-needed day off in honor of our nine-year anniversary.

If you’d like to see more frequent Satan Ninja updates, you should totally support Jessica’s Patreon. If every Satan Ninja fan were to pledge just a single dollar, we’d hit the goal of steadier updates overnight (we’re already over a fourth of the way there). Basically, the more Jessica can make through Patreon, the less time she’ll have to spend taking on other art jobs, and the more she can focus on the raddest comic on the 'net: Satan Ninja 198X.

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