New Page Coming Super Soon

The next page got delayed by Jessica taking on some art commissions (psst, that's your cue to support her Patreon [if you don't already] so she spends less time on commissions and more time doing the comic). She's now very close to finishing the next page, but we didn't want to let a whole two weeks go by without some kind of update.

So here, you can enjoy some of the art I received in honor of my recent 35th birthday. The badass image at the top of this post was drawn by our friend Matt G., whom you might know as Eddie in our live-action promo videos.

Here's an awesome birthday card Jessica's mom made me:

Pizza Wizard Birthday Card Front

Pizza Wizard Birthday Card Inside

And here's a sketch Jessica did of me riding a chocobo for some reason:

Adam Dravian Chocobo Rider


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