Promo Videos, Death T-Shirt, & Awesome Comics Podcast

Our super-awesome mock '80s commercials for Satan Ninja 198X have been chopped up into separate videos, so if you haven't seen them yet (or you want to watch 'em again, and who could blame you), you can check 'em out here:

Ever wish you could wear a Satan Ninja 198X t-shirt? Well, you can't (yet), but you can wear a shirt featuring some of Jessica's badass art. Check out this shirt she recently designed for Maddox:

Shredding Death T-shirt

You can purchase the shirt in a whole bunch of colors (in standard men's style, or in women's V-neck) through his online store.

Also, Jessica and I got a cool surprise this week when we learned that Satan Ninja 198X was featured on the latest episode of The Awesome Comics Podcast. So go check it out to hear some British chaps talk a bit about our comic (if you're short on time, they start talking about us at the 0:22:29 mark, and it gets brought up again just after an hour into it). We've been approached by several different podcasts at conventions who said they wanted to interview us or feature our comic on their podcast, but none of them ever followed through, so it was awesome to finally get to hear strangers talk about us.